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About Us

VH TECH is Slovak dynamically developing company with international operations.

The company was founded in 2002. Its main program is production and implementation of facilities for water ( preferably waste water) management. Wide range of water supplied products is mainly used in the treatment of wastewater from houses, villages, towns, industrial and other plants, etc. The production program of the company includes wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs, septic tanks, grease traps, oil separators, but also water shafts and plastic atypical items.

VH TECH, has offices in several countries (among Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, etc. ) so you can find products of VH TECH in different parts of the European Union.

Based on our own development, manufacturing as well as keeping abreast of trends, we provide our customers and contractors the best technical and economic solutions. These facts are not only used in the design of our equipment but also in the renovation of older types of products.

Our products have been tested in various accredited laboratories ( TAZUS Prague, TSU Piestany, TSU Žilina, WRI Prague, TUV ) and several have been CE marked. To achieve the development we cooperate with academic institutions and universities. The introduction of a quality management system according to  ISO 9001:2015 a ISO 14001:2015 is obviosity for us.

Besides quality production we have built a broad sales and service network not only in Slovakia but also in several European countries

To satisfy our Europenian customers our company aims to offer quality, reliable and affordable product that meets the requirements of environmental legislation and standards.


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