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Grease separators

Grease separators are designed to prevent the drainage from being clogged or silted. They are installed in front of the waste water purification plans especially in:
• motels, restaurants, hotels, food processing industry,
• meat processing industry, slaughterhouses,
• all businesses and processes where fats and oils may enter waste water.


Other waste water types (rain, sewerage, waste water containing special light liquids such as fats and oils of mineral origin) cannot be carried to grease traps.


Grease separators are produced pursuant to the latest European standard EN 858 and comply with the strictest criteria on quality of purified water. Compact grease and oil traps come in as all plastic models featuring long life and easy handling. Grease separators are simple and highly reliable.


Grease separators are tailor - made as specified by individual customers, thus saving considerable amount of finance. Our standard offer encompasses grease traps with the capacity from 0,5 to 10 l/s. Bigger – sized devices designed for different flows may be provided upon request. Grease separators are furnished with complete technical documentation pursuant to ISO 9001.

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  • Grease separators
  • Grease separators
  • Grease separators


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