VH TECH - Light liquid & oil separatorsVH TECH - Light liquid & oil separators

Light liquid & oil separators

Light liquid & oil separators are designed to clean water polluted with light free floating liquids such as engine oils, gas, oil etc.


Fat separators are mainly used in locations such as:
• parking lots,
• scrapyards,
• parking, handling and other indurated areas designed to park passenger cars and trucks,
• car wash facilities,
• all businesses and processes where light liquids may enter waste water.


Given the permission issued by the respective state water administration body, it is possible to discharge water which has been subject to pre-cleaning in separators into a recipient or public sewerage system.


Light liquid separators are produced pursuant to the latest European standard EN 858 and comply with the strictest criteria on quality of purified water (up to 0,05 mg/l NEL). Compact separators come in as all plastic models featuring long life and easy handling. Separators are simple and highly reliable. Since sorptive materials with increased sorptive capacity are used to produce separators, they do not necessitate almost any servicing.


They are tailor - made as specified by individual customers, thus saving considerable amount of finance. Separators come in full flow or bypass models. Separator types (gravitational, coalescent, sorptive, activated carbon separators) and cleaning mode are chosen in line with the customers’ input data. Individual separator capacity is given by the water flow volume. Basic products include separators with capacity 1 to 30 l/s. Bigger devices designed for other flows can be supplied on an individual basis. Separators are delivered with complete technical documentation pursuant to ISO 9001.

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  • Light liquid & oil separators
  • Light liquid & oil separators
  • Light liquid & oil separators


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