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Plastic cesspools represent modern and economic replacements of older concrete cesspools. They serve to store waste water from houses, huts, cottages, gardens, residential domestics or to trap semi-liquid manure from farm animals. They are employed anywhere with no waste water purification systems available.


Plastic cesspools do not necessitate any maintenance and achieve incomparably longer working life than concrete cesspools. Plastic cesspools are 100% leakproof and owing to their low weight they are easy to install and handle (machineless mounting). Plastic cesspools’ properties make them to be used broadly (green spaces, communications, pavements etc.). Plastic cesspools come most frequently in cylindrical models.  They come with covered stiffened ceilings with covered inlet chimneys (round or angular). Cesspools may be manufactured in wide range of dimensions and shapes as specified by customers (cylindrical models are most common).
Following specific demands and requirements, they may be stiffened by internal or external ribbings. Single ribs may have openings to install additional fittings. Sump interconnections are made in a watertight manner as required by customers.


Advantages of plastic cesspools:
• long life (incomparably longer than concrete sumps)
• easy service
• fast and easy installation (machineless mounting)
• low construction costs
• 100% leakproof (pursuant to the Slovak Technical Norm 75 0905)
• high material resistance and inertia
• shape and colour variations – tailor - made shafts (as required by customers)

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