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Lifting plants & pumping stations

All plastic lifting plants & pumping stations  represent modern and economic replacements of older concrete shafts. They are designed to equip pumping systems and respective fittings for underground utilities. They are used to pump waste water, rain and underground water or other fluids. They are successfully used to overcome the elevation difference in gravitational or pressure sewerage systems.


Lifting plants & pumping stations are made of polypropylene attributed chemical stability and durability, thus able to resist any external influences and effects caused by aggressive water. Therefore, lifting plants & pumping stations do not necessitate any maintenance and have longer working life than concrete shafts. They are leakproof and owing to their light weight they are easy to install and handle (machineless mounting).


It is possible to stiffen lifting plants & pumping stations to sustain the pressure of the soil when embedded in it. If observing installation guidelines, they may be mounted anywhere in the terrain (green spaces, communications, pavements etc.).


Lifting plants & pumping stations most commonly come in cylindrical shape. When required, it is possible to produce angular – shaped shafts or non – standard sized shafts (in harmony with the valid legislature). Shaft interconnections are generally made in a watertight manner. The shaft’s depth, inner diameter and transfer directions and numbers of respective pipings may be adjusted as required. Plastic lifting plants & pumping stations allow maximum variability in terms of shapes and dimensions as specified by customers. Technological elements that lifting plants & pumping stations come with are tailor - made as well (type and number of pumps, float switches and sensors, swing check valves, stop valves, pipings, electric switchboards with optical or audio indicators showing the status of equipment, climbing irons etc.).


Advantages of plastic lifting plants & pumping:
• long life (incomparably longer than concrete shafts)
• easy service
• fast and easy installation (machineless mounting)
• low construction costs
• 100% leakproof (pursuant to the Slovak Technical Norm 75 0905)
• shape and colour variations – tailor - made shafts (as required by customers)

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  • Lifting plants & pumping stations
  • Lifting plants & pumping stations


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