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In our assortment you will find :


Wastewater treatment :

for 2-60 inhabitants, which are produced in two versions

type VH with the most modern features ( such as . Removable aerating element, double secondary treatment system with high efficiency of purification ) designed for single family homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, industrial buildings, schools, office buildings

type VH L are smaller in size with simplified construction providing high efficiency of purification


Medium and large wastewater treatment systems for over 50 inhabitants for large objects ( parts of villages, streets, industrial plants, etc.).


Plastic tanks

devices used as containers for various substances ( tanks, collection tanks, pumping shafts, water well shafts, etc. ), with the necessary choice of dimensions.


Water shafts

revisional chambers used for installation of water meters, which are dimensionally customized according to your requirements ( circular, square design ).


Grease separators

are designed to remove oils and greases from wastewater in food processing companies, kitchen, meat processing, and so on.


Oil separators

device used for the purification of wastewater polluted with light free floating liquids ( rain water from carparks, scrap yards, car washes, operating areas, etc. ).


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