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They told about us

...I saw your product in action and I regret not knowing of your company in 2002 as I purchased a wastewater treatment systems. I am thinking of getting rid of the one I have (from the other company) and of buying a new one from you....

Marian Weiss, Černová

.... I have been working in the waste water area for about 16 years. That of course does not mean that I am Mr. Know - it - all. Small – sized household WTP models and shapes may vary, but basically they all work on a similar basis. In my opinion, when compared to other businesses VH TECH company occupies the forefront position for two important reasons: 1. reasonable prices 2. very good access to all the sections in case cleaning, repairing or component replacing are required (in the future) ....

Peter ZUBAJ, MSc. Spisska Nova Ves

.... I have been using the wastewater treatment systems supplied by the VHTECH company for the third year now and I am very content with it. My brother recommended me to purchase it and as far as I know 5 persons use it in the village I live in....

Andrej KRÁL


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