VH TECH - Why to purchase a waste water purification plant from our company?VH TECH - Why to purchase a waste water purification  plant from our company?

Why to purchase a waste water purification plant from our company?

Slovak integration into the European Union makes the issue of waste water purification of central interest. It is not an easy task to pick out a wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) correctly. Customers are showered with the „latest innovative and patent solutions “, „maintenance – free systems “ that are able to take and clean „anything in any quantity “ while purified water reaches the „drinking water quality “. It goes without saying that having purchased such a product, customers get disappointed since their expectations are not met.


How to choose a wastewater treatment systems correctly and to be happy in the long run?
When intending to purchase wastewater treatment systems, it is of primary importance to use logical reasoning. In addition, we place emphasis on following facts:
Mechanical and biological cleaning is the most effective water cleaning method. This method encompasses processes of mechanical pre-cleaning, biological cleaning and separation of purified water. While in the past such processes were carried out by means of several tanks, today all the necessary procedures are performed in a compact tank of a cylindrical shape (to prevent decay).
Wastewater treatment systems are devices requiring minimum servicing of some kind. Visual checks and component maintenance procedures are therefore underscored. Any waste water purification products include storage areas to trap hammering water. Mechanical pre-cleaning system should be multichambered to better remove fats and oils from kitchen facilities (so called selector). To make the device operation easy, tertiary treatment, sludge removing system and time regulated running are required. Detachable aerating system is also an advantage. Higher quality devices are additionally furnished with purified water filtering system.


Our company has carefully pursued our business policies. This is 7th year since we have been successfully delivering our products not only on the Slovak but also foreign markets. And it is the high quality of our systems which makes it possible to keep the prices low.


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